Gmarket X The SHILLA duty free
Shilla Duty Free Seoul store Sign up Event

2021. 11.20 ~ 11.30

Are you still not a membership of the Shilla?
Sign up right now at Seoul Store, Get special benefits for Gmarket members!

[ DC-2111-0024 ]
CU Convenience store gift card (5,000)
[ DC-2111-0023 ]
S.Rewards 10,000P ($10)
* Only available when purchasing over $70 on the day get it.

How to get!

  1. STEP 01. Visit the Shilla Duty Free Seoul Store and sign up at Gift Desk.
  2. STEP 02. Please show this event page to the gift desk staff.
    You can get the CU Convenience store gift card and S.Rewards 10,000 points!
    * The S.Rewards can be used like cash (S.Rewards 1000P = US$1)
  3. STEP 03. It's done! Enjoy duty-free shopping and fun snacks~


  • · Only newly signed up customers through the gift desk at the Seoul branch can receive this benefits. (Online and mobile sign up is not eligible for this event)
  • · Only Free Individual Travelers can participated in this event.
  • · Only customers who agreed to personal information usage for marketing and e-mailing can participate in this event.
  • · This event may be discontinued or changed at any time at the discretion of The Shilla Duty Free.
  • · Matters related to CU Gift Card.
    • >When total price exceeds \5000, the excess amount is the customer’s own responsibility.
    • >If total price is less than \5000, the balance of the gift card cannot be refunded.
    • >The Gift card can be use at all CU convenience stores in Korea (It can be restricted in some stores such as Airport)
  • · Matters related to S.Rewards point
    • Given the S.Rewards points are only available when purchasing over $70 on the day you receive it.
    • Given S.Rewards points may not be used at Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, Tiffany and some other brands.