• [BOOMBOOMKIDS] Kids Top n Bottom Set/Tracksuit Set

[BOOMBOOMKIDS] Kids Top n Bottom Set/Tracksuit Set

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Shipping information

Ship to South Korea Available
  • Shipping fee
    Within Korea Free on condition
    • Free shipping on orders of ₩11,000 or more
    • Extra shipping fee
    • to Jeju island ₩3,500 to island, mountainous area ₩3,500
  • Estimated Item Weight 0.80kg
  • Shipment will start on Jun. 8th (Mon)


  • 붐붐-여름신상오픈/아동복/상하복/츄리닝세트/주니어
  • 붐붐-여름신상/츄리닝세트/상하복/등원룩/주니어
  • 붐붐-여름신상/상하복/츄리닝세트/등원룩/주니어
  • 붐붐-아동모자/볼캡/아동양말/벙거지/썬캡/비니
  • 붐붐키즈 아동공용수영복/래쉬가드/유아수영복/가운
  • SS0S03 빈스래글런셋
  • SS0S04 상코미쥬씨세트
  • SS9S10 홀리데이세트 SET
  • SS9S02 써니박시티셋 SET
  • SS0S05 플랜체크린넨셋
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