• TEAZEN Corn Silk Tea 40Teabags

TEAZEN Corn Silk Tea 40Teabags

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Ship to South Korea Available
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    Within Korea Free on condition
    • Free shipping on orders of ₩30,000 or more
    • Extra shipping fee
    • to Jeju island ₩3,000 to island, mountainous area ₩3,000
  • Item Weight 0.20kg
  • Shipment will start on Jun. 12th (Mon)
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  • 티젠 콤부차 30스틱X2박스 택2
  • 티젠 콤부차 5가지맛 혼합 50스틱 (샤인머스캣/망고구아바/레몬/베리/유자)
  • 티젠 콤부차 30스틱입X3박스(레몬+피치+파인애플)
  • 티젠 콤부차 4가지맛 혼합 40스틱 (파인애플/레몬/피치/베리)
  • 티젠 신상 콤부차 30스틱X2박스 택2
  • 티젠 콤부차 6가지맛 30스틱 택일 (파인애플/레몬/피치/베리/유자/진저레몬)
  • 티젠 콤부차 30스틱입X3박스(피치+베리+파인애플)
  • 티젠 김태리 콤부차 5가지맛 혼합 50스틱 + 보틀 증정
  • 티젠 콤부차 6가지맛 40스틱 택6 (레몬/유자/피치/파인애플/베리/진저레몬)
  • 티젠 콤부차 6가지맛 혼합구성 60스틱 + 샤인머스캣 보틀 증정
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