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CJ Hetbahn Cupbahn/bibigo stew soup steamed cook 32 kinds

  • ₩11,900

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  • Estimated Item Weight 1.70kg
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  • 03.Beef Bone Soup x 6ea (Out of stock)
  • 04.Dried Pollack Rice Soup x 6ea (Out of stock)
  • 05.Bean Sprout and Rice Soup x 6ea (Out of stock)
  • 07.Hot and Spicy Meat Stew x 6ea (Out of stock)
  • 23.Hetbahn (Instant rice) 190g x 10ea (+₩5,000) (Out of stock)
  • 24.Ginseng Chicken Soup 800g x 2ea (+₩5,060) (Out of stock)
  • 25.Soybean Paste Stew 460g x 5ea (+₩5,950) (Out of stock)
  • 26. Kimchi and Tofu Stew 460g x 4ea (+₩5,950) (Out of stock)
  • 32.Boiled Chicken Soup 500g x 5ea (+₩4,000) (Out of stock)
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